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Yamuna Paradise

A home evokes sweet memories for everyone. A beautiful home with excellent amenities in an elegant residential area is a dream for most of us. The skyrocketing prices of plots make it a distant dream. Now there is no more dreaming, as Yamuna Builders and Coastal Housing Builders and Land Developers have developed Yamuna Paradise for you.

Yamuna Paradise is a majestic apartment at Abbakka Nagar near Kottara Chowki, Mangalore with 32 luxury apartments. The location is one of the main attractions of this project as you will find the homes of the most influential people of the city and offices of corporate companies like Infosys in the vicinity. When you are of a mind to unwind with a bout of shopping or desire to indulge in other recreational activities there is Ashoknagar, which is just half a km away. In addition, there is the advantage of having educational institutions, shopping malls, hospitals, health clubs, amusement centres, and other urban conveniences within a radius of two km. Above all this is the fact that the apartment is replete with all the luxury amenities for individual and community use.